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Network Integration

Depositphotos_4723066_s-2015-minHelping customers manage and maintain network security and data protection is the primary focus behind Integrated Office Solutions’ triple threat protection product – I3Q, Maintaining 3 layers of protection have proven to be the most effective method to harden and secure your network and protect your confidential information. With threats coming from all over the world targeting your critical information, you cannot afford to be without protection.

Recent studies from Gartner, revealed that millions of SSNs, credit card numbers and other vital records are being stolen by hackers every minute. Don’t be one of the statistics!

Hackers, use port scanning, bots, Trojans, SQL injections, phishing, and many other methods to identify opened ports and vulnerabilities in firewalls to penetrate your network? Our triple threat protection is the answer to securing your confidential information. Call us to get a free network security scan and assessment at no charge. Get Your Network Ready for 2013.