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Depositphotos_15640501_s-2015-minEMC is Integrated Office Solutions’ preferred storage vendor. With products designed for SMB and enterprise customers, our portfolio brings to the forefront advanced storage technologies that are manageable and scalable and brings maximum efficiency to the data center.

Utilizing EMC VNX storage pool enhancement with the ability to mix RAID types within a storage pool, this technology complements the flexible RAID types with VNX and further improves storage pool efficiency.

For example, traditional RAID 5 for Flash, Efficient RAID 5 for SAS and Efficient RAID 6 for NL-SAS means customers will get high performance AND maximum efficiency. Compared to the limitations and restrictions inherent within the Traditional RAID 6 Pool, these enhancements yield a 38% lower starting cost for the FLASH tier and an overall savings of 17% for SSD, SAS and NL-SAS.